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Having worked in TV for nearly ten years I’ve interviewed hundreds of hopefuls wanting to get their first job in TV. Many of those eager runners and researchers’ have gone on to become producers, production managers, camera operators and directors. If you’re looking to get a job in TV check out my 3 top tips below that will help you impress at your interview.

1) Do your homework. Whatever position you are going for if you get an interview make sure you have watched the programme if already on tv, looked at the company website, and found out any company history such as what else have they made? When did they start? Who runs the company? You would be surprised how many people turn up and say they have never seen the programme they have applied to work on, that they don’t watch TV and know nothing about the company they want to employ them.

2) Take some ideas with you. You may not have been asked to bring any ideas but it shows you are keen and creative and have some suggestions of what you would do if you got the job.

3) Dress smartly. There generally is no need to turn up in suit, however, do not turn up in ripped jeans and T shirt. It gives the impression you don’t care, and couldn’t be bothered to make an effort. For more information about getting a job in TV and tv training visit



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