Trouble With Food

We need to eat to live – we all know that. But eating, whether too little or too much, can become a serious problem.

Boys, girls, men and women from all backgrounds and ethnic groups can have trouble with food at almost any time in their lives.

Probably most of us will have at some time or another eaten too much, put on weight and then tried to diet. Surveys show that almost all of us are unhappy with some aspect of our bodies, and oh how we’d love to have more control over what we look like! But there are those for whom control over every single thing they eat can become a dangerous obsession.

If you’re sad, lonely or angry, and find yourself making yet another sandwich or munching another bar of chocolate, you’re a comfort eater. Not dealing with your emotions could end up in obesity.

Feeling you’ve failed every time you put food in your mouth can lead to anorexia, where you dent yourself food and become obsessed with burning off every calorie, or bulimia, when you eat too much and then make yourself sick to get rid of it.

An eating disorder is a sign that you need help in coping with feelings that may be difficult to face up to or talk about, such as anger, sadness, guilt, loss or fear.

If you are having trouble with food and are worried and upset, it is important that you find someone to talk to. Don’t feel you are totally alone and no one will understand. Don’t bottle it all up – you can get help if you look for it.


Trisha's Tips

  • When you’re grocery shopping – don’t put it in the trolley if you don’t want it in your tummy!
  • Never shop for food when you’re hungry or tired.
  • Relying mainly on convenience food is a good way to get fat.
  • If you’re having trouble with food, it could just be the tip of the iceberg – what else is going on in your life?


Where to go for Help

Beat - Helpline
Formerly the Eating Disorders Association, Beat offers support for people facing trouble with food.
Helpline: 0845 634 1414
Monday-Friday 10.30am to 8:30pm 
Saturdays 1pm to 4.30pm

Beat - Youthline
Formerly the Eating Disorders Association, Beat offers support for people facing trouble with food.
Youthline: 0845 634 7650
Monday-Friday 4.30pm to 8.30pm
Saturdays 1pm to 4.30pm

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