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Trisha’s stylist Katherine shares her essential tips for whatever your bodyshape…

Whatever your style, discovering the art of dressing for body shapes is the best way to maximise your appeal.

The fashion industries latest looks can be puzzling and sometimes outrageous! Attempting to follow every new fashion creation would be difficult and quite pricey! What suits a model on the catwalk doesn’t always suit us, as we all have different body shapes and sizes.
There are many factors to take into consideration when dressing for your body shape and some ‘dos and don’ts’ that you need to bear in mind. These will help you to hide your bad bits and enhance your good bits to create a balanced and beautiful body shape!
It is all about tricking the eye and there are many illusions that you can use to achieve this once you know how!

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Katherine's Style Tips:

You have an Hour glass figure if your hips and shoulders are balanced with a relatively small waist.


  • enjoy your curves rather than hiding them
  • wide leg trousers, it will balance the body
  • wear clothing that draws attention to your waist, use clothing that nips it in
  • go for one or two buttoned jackets to nip in the waist
  • go for tops that sit on the hips rather than longer or shorter


  • wear tapered trousers
  • cut into the body with too many lines - instead you need to lengthen your upper body using clothing
  • wear fussy clothes with lots of detail on your shoulders or hips


  • one or two buttoned jackets
  • belts worn on the waist
  • v neck and scoop neck tops
  • wide leg trousers
  • fish tail & pencil skirts


You are Pear shaped if you have bigger hips compared to smaller shoulders and upper half.


  • Balance out your shoulders so that they appear in line with your hips
  • widen the neckline which will enhance the width of the shoulders
  • only have detail around the top half of the body rather than the hip area
  • wear wide leg trousers will help to balance the appearance of the figure
  • wear dark colour tops that will widen the appearance of the shoulders


  • wear strappy tops, they will increase the size of the hips
  • go for a tight small neckline as it will make the hips look bigger
  • avoid wide belts worn on the hips - it will draw the eye to your largest part
  • wear tapered trousers


  • wide neck tops
  • jackets
  • puffed sleeved tops are great
  • short or long sleeved tops, not sleeveless A-line skirts
  • wide leg trousers


If your figure is Straight up and down with no curves and an undefined waist you need to create the illusion of curves and a waist


  • use one buttoned jackets to nip the waist in
  • wear a belt on the waist will draw the eye to this area
  • go for detail in clothing around the hips will attract attention to this area
  • wear puffed sleeves as the detail will create width in the shoulders
  • go for A - line or gathered skirts
  • Look for tops, shirts and blouses that pull in at the waist
  • wrap tops and dresses are effective at pulling in the waist
  • layer tops to reduce the length of the body and create the appearance of a waist


  • wear straight, pencil skirts
  • buy hipster trousers as they will lengthen the body further


  • one buttoned or belted jackets
  • wide leg trousers
  • waist belted coats
  • a-line skirts
  • wrap tops and dresses
  • layered tops in the same or similar tones


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