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Date : 03 April, 2012
Publication: Variety.


On her new show from NBCUniversal, the mental health activist guides troubled guests.

Goddard, who broke ground as Australia's first black TV anchorwoman, is the mother of two teen girls. She chronicled her struggles, including a bout of breast cancer in 2008, in her autobiography. "I firmly believe that the life experiences of the host influence the content and nature of the talk show," she says.

As for translating for U.S. audiences, Goddard won't use "some of the fruitier Australian terms, (but) there are a few Trish-isms I hope to introduce."


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Date : 26 March, 2012
Publication: Mirror & The Independent.

Trisha Goddard has told of her joy at relaunching her TV career in the US after being given the all-clear from cancer. She is to host a new chat show for NBC, based in New York – her first solo role since leaving Channel 5 in 2009. Articles in the Mirror and Independent highlighting Trisha's recent Hello Magazine article.

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Date : 26 March, 2012
Publication: The Sun.

BRITISH TV presenter Trisha Goddard has landed a top talk show job in the US – after being given the all-clear from breast cancer.
She is hosting the new show on NBC later this year and cannot believe her luck.
The Sun reports the news of Trish's new role and quotes from her Hello Interview.

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Date : 26 March, 2012
Publication: The Mail.
Article in the Mail quoting from her recent Hello Magazine interview. Trisha Goddard has told how it is a dream come true to be relaunching her TV career in the US with a new show, after being given the all-clear from cancer.
The British presenter is to host a new show for NBC, based in New York.
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Date : 26 March, 2012
Publication: Hello.

Hello interviews Trisha on NBC role and Cancer battle.

In a much quoted article Trisha describes how her recent battle with cancer has changed her and looks at her 'Top TV job in Manhattan'. 

Lots of photos of Trisha taken in Mahattan and extensive interview



Date : 04 May, 2010
Publication: Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Trisha Goddard has contributed to a new book: Icons of England.

Icons of England. is an eclectic collection of essays on what lies at the heart of being English and England’s landscape. The book features contributions from a cast of over 80 personalities who write fondly of their corner of the country or aspect of English life that they most hold dear.
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Date : 02 April, 2010
Publication: A Letter to my Sixteen-Year-Old Self.

Trisha Goddard contributes to the Dear Me book, in support of Elton John AIDS Foundation

We asked Trisha to contribute to the Dear Me book because there is a basic honesty and decency in her TV work that fits in nicely with the integrity that we wanted shot through the book. Trisha asks hard questions, but always from a position of honesty, kindness and right mindedness. And when she sent her letter through, I knew that we had been right to ask as it demonstrated all of those characteristics.
The idea from the book came from the sense that 16 is such a difficult age: you feel you are an adult, but really you are a child and yet your world is full of new responsibilities and a myriad of possibilities. It was a way of different generations reaching across to each other. We are hoping that with Trisha's help we can raise a huge amount for Elton John's wonderful AIDS Foundation which does so much great work around the world. 
Dear Me - A Letter to my Sixteen-Year-Old Self - is available at all good bookshops. 
It is the perfect gift for anyone, mum, dad, brother, aunt or perhaps someone you know who is turing 16! 
£1 from each copy sold goes to the Elton John AIDS Foundation


Date : 11 January, 2010
Publication: Woman's Weekly .

Woman's Weekly celebrates the home, family and lives of mature women, providing them with practical help, advice and inspiration. Trisha has contributed to Woman’s Weekly several times over the last year, giving humorous insights into her life in the column “It’s a funny old world”

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Date : 05 July, 2009
Publication: Sunday Mirror.

Trisha's cover interview from The Sunday Mirror’s Celebs on Sunday.

You can also read the interview and see behind the scenes video here





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