Interrogator - Drew McAdam

Drew McAdam has an unfailing ability to tell when somebody is lying.

In recent years he has demonstrated this remarkable ability as entertainment to numerous businesses, using these skills as a mind reader. By scrutinising body language, micro-expressions, non-verbal cues and voice characteristics - combined with several other techniques - he can reveal exactly what somebody is thinking.

His skills were put to good use as an Intelligence Officer in the British Army. Specialising in counter-terrorism and counter-espionage, he worked in various locations in Europe and on Mainland UK and he has learned a great deal about tactical questioning techniques and trusting his intuition.

"Using well known but little understood scientific techniques, I can influence and control the decisions and choices that an individual makes," says Drew. "By studying their non-verbal signals I can read their thoughts, and by combining these techniques I can predict their thoughts.”

Over the coming months on these pages I’ll be letting you into the secrets of how to learn to spot a liar….


Part 1 – Tell a lie to catch a liar
For example, if you want to find out if the person was really in the pub where they claim they were all evening, you tell how you heard that there had been a fight and that the barman had been stabbed in the arm. This will create one of two reactions. Either they will express total surprise, because they were there all night and they saw nothing OR they will start mumbling and stammering that there was something happened but that they were at the far end of the room and saw little of it. Either way, you will know if they are lying or not.

Another technique is to tell the subject that you know they are lying. For example, you know that they are involved in an affair because you had them followed. However, at this point do not ask them about what happened, but rather – assuming that you already know that information – enquire only as to the reason; what did you do wrong that led to them having an affair?

When using this technique, you have to remain calm, and persist with the course of questioning. You also have to act as though you are disappointed, presenting the impression that the actual act is a given, but that you only want to understand their reason for acting that way.

Of course, you have to be a good actor to carry this off, and if your bluff doesn’t work then the whole thing will collapse. It’s worth a last-ditch attempt though and can be very powerful.

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