Drowning in Debt

Getting in debt could not be easier these days. Almost everyone does. Student loans, credit cards, mortgages, buy no pay later – you name it, we all do it. Everyone’s being encouraged to spend and buy more and more.


Fine if you can meet all the repayments, but what if..


  • You fall ill and can’t work…
  • You lose your job…
  • Your partner leaves you with debts you can’t pay alone…
  • Your business collapses…
  • You took out too many loans?

There are thousands of reasons why debt suddenly becomes overwhelming, frightening and unpayable, and you quickly realise you are drowning in it.

Rather than trying to deal with the situation and talking to their creditors, many people ignore the debts, letting them get ever bigger. The sheer worry of it has the power to wreck homes and ruin lives. But there is help available if you know where to look for it.


Trisha's Tips

  • Through thousands of guests on the show I’ve come to realise that ordering too much from catalogues is many peoples downfall into debt. If money is short, be very careful indeed about ordering
  • Be like the Queen – don’t carry cash or credit cards unless you’re specifically going to buy something you need


Where to go for Help

National Debtline
This is the helpline for people with debt problems in England, Wales and Scotland. Expert advice over the phone and email.
0808 808 4000 (free phone)
Monday-Friday 9am to 9pm
Saturday 9.30am to 1pm

Citizens Advice Bureaux
CAB has been helpinig people with debt counselling for years. It’s advisers have a wealth of experience. All services are completely free.
Look in your local phone book or search online for a local advice centre.

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