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Rejuvenate DVD

Trisha Goddard the Queen of talk television launches her very first fitness DVD to co-inside with her 50th birthday!

This DVD is for anyone who want to look and feel younger, more healthy and stay that way. Together with her personal trainer Ben Price, Trisha has put together a three stage exercise programme - and it's one that doesn't leave you in a sweaty heap at the end!

Trisha reveals the secret of feeling younger and fitter - whatever your age. And she reveals the secrets of her exercise regime that saw her drop from a size 18 to a size 10.

To help you succeed on the journey to a better and fitter you, Britain's most celebrated psychological performance Coach Jamil Qureshi gives you a personal one on one relaxation technique to boost your will power and self image.

Plus, DVD extras: Trisha Goddard - My Story. With never before seen pictures Trisha tells her own inspiring story from her childhood living in a caravan to her television success. She tells of her family tragedy and two failed marriages before she found happiness with her third husband Peter.



The Family Survival Guide
Change your family life for the better

This book takes you through all the challenges, choices and changes that are faced within the family and includes:

- Losing and choosing a partner - are you making the same mistakes over and over?

- Being a parent - what kind of parent do you really want to be?

- Step-families - and how to deal with them

- Fighting fair - can you deal calmly and effectively with conflict?

Trisha is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of family life. Her sister committed suicide and she also went through a time of very serious depression herself. She has learnt the hard way how to put her family first and contributes much of her own fascinating personal story to this very positive and helpful book, alongside her husband Peter Gianfrancesco, who is chief executive for the mental health charity MIND, and many other real-life success stories which highlight the issues throughout.

The book also includes expert help and advice from psychologist Dr Terri Van Leeson. There are lots of exercises and quizzes throughout. It is full of Trisha's humour and is as direct as she is to her guests. This is the book that helps you focus not just on yourself but also those around you.



Trisha - A Life Less Ordinary
(Original Hardback Edition)

Trisha Goddard is the nation's number-one talk show host. Every day, millions of viewers tune in to her television programme to watch ordinary people share their problems, worries and experiences; she is the nation's favourite confidante. But behind the assured, poised professional is a woman with a remarkable and intriguing past. After years of listening to other people's life stories, Trisha is now ready to tell hers...

As a child, Trisha was on the receiving end of violence from her father, a psychiatric nurse; her teens were scarred by depression and eating disorders.

Her real adventures in life began when she left home at 15 to tour in a band. Having tasted freedom, Trisha then became a stewardess for Gulf Air - a job she claims prepared her well for the crowd control she would need to exercise on her television show.

Having settled in Australia, she launched her television career and her success as a broadcaster was cemented when she became the first black news anchorwoman on Australian television. In this intimate, no-holds-barred autobiography, Trisha lays bare the details of her fascinating life.

She speaks candidly about her suicide attempts, nervous breakdown and two-year recovery in a psychiatric unit. She tells all about her past relationships, including a string of violent relationships, a brief marriage to an Australian politician who she later discovered had died of an AIDS-related illness and a marriage that ended in infidelity.

She also describes her devastation when her youngest sister, who had suffered from schizophrenia, tragically committed suicide.

Never one to let life's problems drag her down, Trisha reached a turning point when she met and fell in love with her future husband Peter. Soon after their marriage, her life was to be turned upside down once more when she was headhunted from the UK to front her own daytime talk show. Trisha instantly won the affection of her viewers and her show was a roaring success.

This tremendous autobiography tells of a life lived to the full and a career that has gone from strength to strength in spite of adversity. It is packed with hilarious stories of showbiz life and heartbreaking accounts of personal tragedies, all told in Trisha's unique style - up close and very personal.


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