Body Language - Robert Phipps

Robert Phipps has been the resident body language expert on the “Trisha Goddard Show" on for more than seven years and well over 100 shows.

Robert is one of the UK’s best known body language experts and has given his commentary and analysis of all the major party political leaders for The BBC, GMTV, ITN and Sky News as well as working behind the scenes on many other media projects.

For tips on reading people’s body language click here for a advice from Robert.



He regularly puts guests in the truth chair to analyse their micro body movements in order to discover if they are telling the truth or telling a lie. Click below to see how to make your own truth chair at home.



Robert is a renowned international platform speaker and trainer and is in constant demand by both the media and business worlds. He has written and commented for almost every national newspaper and magazine in the UK and has contributed to many trade specific journals both here and abroad.

Robert also works with his private clients on a One-to-One basis imparting his knowledge and skills of Non Verbal Communication, Hypnosis and NLP Peak Performance coaching. 
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